Believe it or not, beyond a few items, most of your hood design is personal preference.  Be creative!  This will be a statement piece in your kitchen for years to come. The main things you must consider before you get all creative are:

**Is the bottom of my hood no more than 36" above my range?

**Does the front of the hood at least cover half of my front burner? (or both burners if it is an island)

(Always follow the blower manufacturer's guidelines as it pertains to how efficiently the blower will work for you)

As far as the creative side...consider the following items:

**Do you want your hood "flush" with your cabinets?  Or do you want the hood to have a little extension past them? (I prefer hoods to stretch past the cabinets a bit for some character)

**Keep in mind there are so many metals, finishes, paint etc that are at your disposal to design a fabulous hood.  Copper, Zinc, Stainless, Steel, Brass, Nickel, Powdercoat, Antique patinas, Candy paints and so many more. Here are some examples:

Enjoy designing and building your hood.  The skies the limit!
Sometimes folks aren't into a slick, shiny "new looking" hood and want something that looks aged or weathered or just bold and different.  Did you know that we can faux finish these metal vent hoods?  With a variety of products to choose from, your hood can be totally unique and fit your style of home.  There's gilder's paste, metal coatings, instant rust and various chemicals that will change the patina of these metals to suit your individuality.  Even automotive paints and powder coating are cool options that are outside the norm, but look fantastic!  Be bold.  Make your hood (that will probably live in your home for decades) something you'll love to look at when you're having your morning coffee everyday!  See some samples below! (Main photo is gilders paste application)
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